"It begins with how you see and treat yourself.

Start by seeing Supernatural: The Play."

​​            -Milton Allimadi, Publisher, Black Star News

"The artistic allure of this play is its range of storytelling via crisp characterizations instead of stock and crass caricatures." Read more.
"West Coast Premiere of SUPERNATURAL: THE PLAY, Opens at Chromolume Theatre." Read more here.
The women "laugh, lament, reminisce, and sashay" through stories of their personal journeys--racial identity, family, sexuality, a battle with cancer, and so on. Ergo, this is not a thorny 'b!+ch session' or a melodramatic freedom fight."



Listen to an interview with the play's producers Candace Kelley, Audrey Kelley & Gilda Rogers and go behind the scenes of Supernatural on T.Tyler Talks Radio.  


"This is a show that is as fun as it is informative, and in a sense, heart rending. The stories fittingly transcend race, and can be enjoyed by people of all hues. Read full review here.
Curvy Magazine goes behind the scenes with Supernatural: The Play
Watch News 12's Spotlight New Jersey with Supernatural Executive Producer Candace Kelley.

"To sit in the audience is like entering someone’s most private thoughts. You are a privileged eavesdropper  to some dynamic monologues. Read the full article here.                                        

"From start to finish, Supernatural was super engaging, super entertaining, and super insightful. I felt connected, proud, and celebrated. Supernatural was all that and more!"
                                    -Tyarra Hunter, Theatergoer


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