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"It begins with how you see and treat yourself.

Start by seeing Supernatural: The Play."

​​            -Milton Allimadi, Publisher, Black Star News


Rated oNE

OF L.A.'s




-Stage Raw

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"The artistic allure of this play is its range of storytelling via crisp characterizations instead of stock and crass caricatures." Read more.
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"West Coast Premiere of SUPERNATURAL: THE PLAY, Opens at Chromolume Theatre." Read more here.
The women "laugh, lament, reminisce, and sashay" through stories of their personal journeys--racial identity, family, sexuality, a battle with cancer, and so on. Ergo, this is not a thorny 'b!+ch session' or a melodramatic freedom fight."



Listen to an interview with the play's producers Candace Kelley, Audrey Kelley & Gilda Rogers and go behind the scenes of Supernatural on T.Tyler Talks Radio.  


"This is a show that is as fun as it is informative, and in a sense, heart rending. The stories fittingly transcend race, and can be enjoyed by people of all hues. Read full review here.
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Curvy Magazine goes behind the scenes with Supernatural: The Play
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Watch News 12's Spotlight New Jersey with Supernatural Executive Producer Candace Kelley.
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"To sit in the audience is like entering someone’s most private thoughts. You are a privileged eavesdropper  to some dynamic monologues. Read the full article here.                                        

"From start to finish, Supernatural was super engaging, super entertaining, and super insightful. I felt connected, proud, and celebrated. Supernatural was all that and more!"
                                    -Tyarra Hunter, Theatergoer
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